My company provide pre-release versions of LEDSHOWT9 software to download
Source:Beijing Color-Light Technology Co. Ltd    Reads:5910    Release Date:2009-4-15

New LEDShowT9 software features:

1, the application of advanced processing engine to enhance performance and speed. Video can be up animation with alpha transparency, to achieve greater effects.

2, to upgrade its internal procedures to receive cards, can do 10/100/1000M adaptive networks. To allow synchronization system in the existing local area network also can be used together, and the network control.

3, a software can control up to 100 screen (customized screen 253 can be controlled). LAN network. Arbitrary background player, do not cover each other.

4, with the trial version of networking software and experience the Internet within the scope of the remote control.

5, point by point correction, 5036 chip current adjustment, the user login and permission management ......

6, this version is pre-release versions, please care for the project. After one week we will release the official version.


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