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Colorlight control system showed up at CCTV, and lighted up the stage of the Year of the Rooster Gala

4K Super Controller was officially launched, which is real 4K without splicing

More expectations can all be achieved at Colorlight…


Brazilian World Cup Project

Australian Open Tennis Championship

2016 Colorlight Product & Technology Release Conference was held in Shenzhen and Beijing, and a series of new technology was officially launched, such as auto-calibration, auto-connection, Cloud backup, etc

9 new offices in China have added to reach to 29 offices, cover all the provincial capitals and important cities in the nation


i6 high-end Receiving Card is officially launched, lead the new direction of control system

Super sender is officially launched

Milan EXPO Project

Shanghai branch company was officially established, customer service in Eastern China has entirely upgraded

Newly added 13 offices in China, and reach to 20 offices nationwide

Colorlight U.S. branch company was established, European office and Indian office was official established, expand the overseas market


Intelligent Screen 2.0 was launched

C-series control system was officially launched, large screen does not requires a computer

Initiate display and control solution for active 3D, introduced 3D display technology into the field of LED display

Sochi Winter Olympics Project

Beijing APEC Project

Offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, and Jinan have been established one after another, to improve local customer services


Initiated intelligent module technology, and improve it to the more advanced

The 3rd Generation of Synchronizing system was officially released

The 2nd Generation of Pixel by pixel Calibration system was officially released


The first to start technological research and development aiming at fine-pitched screens

Initiated HD Senders with 4 net ports, and was officially released

Full-scale design of the networking management system

The 2nd generation of Point-to-point calibration was officially released

Shenzhen Company was officially established, and the focus of the company starts to be transferred to Shenzhen


Colorlight synchronous system 2.0 was officially released, and 5A-Series was fully launched

Achieved breakthrough on technology for special-shaped screens, successfully completed the very first ball-shaped LED screen in the world

Shenzhen Universiade Project


Colorlight system was successfully applied on the Shanghai World Expo Project

Participated in the Guangzhou Asian Games Project

Initiated dual-mode of synchronous and asynchronous displaying technology

Point-to-point chroma calibration system was released

Research and Development Center in Shenzhen was found, Branch Company in Shenzhen was found


Gigabit network card sending technology initiated by Colorlight was launched, which can achieve technology of synchronous display and control without Sender

Colorlight control system was successfully applied on the 60th anniversary of National Day Project

Brightness calibration system was released


Networked digital broadcasting system T8, was officially launched, and was put into use on broadcasting and TV projects, which has been steadily running to this day

Provided technical support for the Beijing Olympic Games Project

On August, Shenzhen Office was officially established


On July 23rd, 2007, Colorlight was established at Zhongguancun Science Park in Beijing

Since then, Colorlight has been dedicating in research and development of technology of LED control system, and dedicating in to create more value for clients

On September, the 1st Generation of Colorlight’s full-color synchronous control system T7 was officially launched

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