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Gingko in your Eyes, Spring in our Screen


World Gingko Museum of Pizhou, Jiangsu



Part 1

World Gingko Exactly in Pizhou, China

The newly – built World Gingko Museum in Pizhou made visitors linger on and forget to return. With the use of LED display 

technology, referring to the famous "Time Tunnel" of Gingko Biloba’s scenic spot, the light and shade tunnel was particularly 

breathtaking. Visitors took out cameras to record the wonderful moments of "Time Tunnel", which vividly showed the attractive 

seasons change and the ever-changing rare scenery of beauty.

World Gingko Museum of Pizhou, Jiangsu

Resolution: 6400*4352

Product Type: HD Small Pitch Of Linso Digital Technology

Control System Solution: S4 Senders, 5A-75B Receiving cards



Part 2

Perfect Control of Small Pitch, Delicate and Realistic "Time Tunnel"

In order to incisively and vividly show the seasons change of gingko trees, "Time Tunnel" adopts HD small pitch display screen with the Colorlight system on both sides, giving us a more realistic and delicate display effect. The built-in interactive floor tile screen with intellisense makes the pictures all blend into one harmonious whole picture from top to bottom.

·    Meets the customers’ requirements for an ultra HD signal display, together with improved gray-scale at low brightness, high refresh rate, energy saving, low consumption etc.

·    16 S4 Senders are used in this project to ensure the screen display is synchronized at the nanosecondlevel . The play effect is excellent and natural scenery is restored.


Part 3

Go Explore the“Time Tunnel”,Get Ready to Enjoy its Beauty

Getting used to seeing the real gingko trees at this particular time? You will get a completely new experience in the dreamlike "Time Tunnel" of gingko that is controlled by sound and photoelectricity. Walking through the “Time Tunnel”, as if travelling through real space and time, you can experience the changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter. It makes you feel personally on the scene and be lost in wonder.

【Spring】With the Gingko sprouting, Spring is very much in the air, as beautiful as a fairy tale.


【Summer】Shaded by pleasant trees, refreshing and cool, Summer is rich in poetic flavour and pretty romantic.


【Autumn】Rising and dancing along with the wind in a happy mood, every piece of gingko biloba wave in the late autumn to leave only a hint of yellow.


【Winter】The snowfield is covered with footprints, silver-coated and aesthetic, as it were a world of snow and ice.


The beauty of gingko biloba is wandering over a dreamland rather than that of the gingko itself. If you should have a chance to reach the museum, please appreciate it at a steady pace.


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